Abroad Is Like Another Planet! Africans Abroad Narrate Culture Shock Experiences


Among the many challenges that Africans who travel abroad face, one that has been highlighted is culture shock and the struggle to accommodate certain lifestyle habits of the western world.

No matter how flexible or fast one can be, having an encounter or feeling out of place as a result of the unfamiliar way of life is almost inevitable.

In a thread that has now gone viral, a number of Nigerians, as well as Africans from other parts of the continent, have shared their experiences and how they eventually synched with the system as others struggle to achieve the same.

Some of the very common encounters include food culture shock, modesty, language barrier, traditional culture shock, and many others.

In Africa, some of the things we experience like powercuts are unheard of abroad and some could not help but mention how a good number of youths in their 20s settle in marriages which is contrary to the African setup.

Have a look at some of the experiences

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