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About African Warrior Magazine

African Warrior Magazine is a US-Based-Africa-Focused all round news website targeting African Diaspora in USA, Europe, and Beyond

African Warrior Magazine aims to deliver informative, educative, and entertaining News and Information normally underplayed or altogether neglected by mainstream media; exploring potential to scale-up the presence and contribution of this highly dynamic African Community living in the West by highlighting their journeys, challenges and victories as they navigate new horizons in search of greener pastures.

African Warrior Magazine presents ground-realities, checks and balances in personal anecdotes chronicling these experiences thereby offering experiential know-how on pertinent issues such as immigration & resettlement, offering advisory tips through existing community and professional networks and through integrated Inter-state activities promoting the rich African multi-cultural presentation in Diaspora.

African Warrior Magazine sets pace as an information dissemination resource for experts input on priority issues to Diasporans including; immigration, available economic opportunities for investment locally and abroad, offering an expansive exchange platform with prospective investors for trade & tourism industries seeking to penetrate the largely untapped African Market.

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