A Unique Black-Owned Online Coffee Shop You Can Buy From

African Coffee Club

If you, like so many Americans, drink a cup of coffee — or a few cups of coffee — every single day, the money you put towards brewing it up can make a big impact. During a time when so many of us are re-evaluating how we can best support black brothers and sisters, the realization that our regular coffee purchases could make a positive change is an important one.

Switching from beans sold by big brands like Folgers or Starbucks and redirecting funds toward a black-owned business is a no-brainer, more so one that also sources the coffee from African where coffee originated.

African Coffee Club was founded by an immigrant from Kenya who also is a second-generation coffee farmer: Mukurima Muriuki. Talking to African Warrior Magazine, Mukurima noted:

“Growing up in my grandfather’s coffee farm in Kirinyaga Kenya, I witnessed firsthand the exploitation of farmers by brokers and middlemen whose only goal is to profit, disregarding the farmers’ interest to provide a better life for their families

At the African coffee club, we connect the farmers directly with the consumers, removing the middlemen so that the farmers earn the fair share for their labor, allowing the consumer to access high-quality, flavorful coffee at fair market value. It is a win-win for the farmers and the coffee connoisseurs!

With much of the African continent within the “Bean Belt”, many countries have the perfect growing conditions for coffee plants. It is no surprise coffee production is an important industry for many African nations including Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia.

High elevations, volcanic soil, and temperate climates result in bright, acidic, and fruit-toned coffees unique to the region and well-loved by many coffee drinkers.

Ethiopia is known as the birthplace of the coffee bean. The first Arabica coffee plants were cultivated here and farmers continue to harvest the bulk of the crop from wild coffee plants as they have for centuries.


African Coffee Club