A Taste of Two Kenyan-Born Lucys Taking Australia by Storm


What is the probability of two women born and raised in Kenya, migrating to Australia and making a strong mark in the new country of residence? Now as you do the mental probability, what if the two women share the same first name!

A few days ago,  South Australian Senator Lucy Gichuhi met with Lucy Goodwin popularly known as Ninny Zerah, for a glass of wine and also catch up on matter relative to their shared country of birth-Kenya. And it gets exciting, for the wine being served on this occasion is  a product of  Zhiro premium Wines, owned by the other Lucy (Ninny)!

Senator Lucy Gichuhi arrived in Australia with her husband and children in 1999 and became an Australian citizen in 2001. She filled the South Australian seat left vacant by the resignation of Family First’s Bob Day.

Miss Lucy Goodwin, or Ninny Zerah, who lives in Australia,  is a singer and songwriter whose rendition of Runtown’s Mad Over You has continued to receive considerable airplay in Kenyan radio. The soulful voiced singer who works as a consultant, counselor, and entrepreneur recently became the first Kenyan-Australian to own an Australian wine: ZHIRO Pinot Noir Chardonnay which has already been stocked in many stores across the length and breadth of Australia.

The Zhiro Chardonnay has been described as a dry, delicate and sparkling wine with a touch of integrity. The wine, named after Ninny’s mom, Shiro, has a lifted aroma of lemon, strawberry and honeyed cream.

This is a case of two Kenyan born Lucys taking Australia by storm!