6 reasons African men make the best soul mates


What makes a good husband? Regardless of race or culture, I would say that there are probably similar characteristics across the board of what constitutes a good husband. Respect, perhaps? Honesty, trustworthiness, strong work ethic, and maybe even good looks are some likely common attributes of men that women prefer. When searching for these traits in a husband, you will surely find them in the great men of African descent. African men represent values that create a lifelong marriage.

The beauty of a woman becomes useless if there is no one to admire it. –African Proverb 

1. African men do not give up. 
Simply think of the history of African men. African men have fought long and hard for civil rights and social justice. Never in history has the African man been known to give in when the going gets tough. For African men when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Marriage is certainly not equivalent to unconstitutional treatment; however, marriage is hard and comes with struggles. You want a man that will stand by your side and fight to the finish. Marriage is not easy, but it is a choice of two people to never give up even when it is hard.

Unity is strength, division is weakness. -Swahili Proverb 

2. African men hold onto their faith.
Not that every good husband is dependent upon a certain religion, strong spiritual values can definitely increase the likelihood of a lasting marriage. Africans have held onto spirituality to make it through hard times, and that is a great quality in a man. When times get hard, where better for a husband to turn than to his faith? That’s a lot better than turning to some other options to which some men resort.

When a king has good counselors, his reign is peaceful. -African proverb

3. African families are big and loving. 
One key quality of an African family is that it is ever-growing and continuously extending. Extended family takes on a whole new meaning. The city or town or neighborhood is perhaps even part of that kinship. The support of which members give to each other is immeasurable. Marrying an African man means marrying his family and gaining a limitless measure of support in your marriage.

A family is like a forest, when you are outside it is dense, when you are inside you see that every tree has its place. -African Proverb

4. African men are prideful in work. 
It is likely that your African man will be the breadwinner. African men are hard workers and take pride in a job well done and in providing for his family.

He who loves money must labor. -Mauritania proverb

5. Personal space is tight in the African culture. Cuddle up with your hubby. 
If you are a cuddly person, you are in luck with an African man. The African culture is known to have very tight personal space boundaries. Some guys would rather not touch and cuddle, but Chris Brown describes it best when he said “lovey dovey kiss kiss”.

Hold a true friend with both hands. -African Proverb

6. Lastly, African men are fit and handsome. 
Let us all take a moment to appreciate the bodies of African men. You can rest assured in those big strong arms and admire that beautiful brown skin. Looks of course do not count for everything, but they sure count for something. Yum. Dark chocolate is good for you.

Greatness and beauty do not belong to the gods alone. -Nigerian Proverb

Above all, there are great husbands in any ethnic group; however, never discredit the African menPS: As an American born white girl, the above is based on my observation of African men in the United States. Hopefully someday I will go to Africa and get a piece of the great African men!!




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