49-year old Swazi king Mswati finally unveils his 19-year-old virgin wife(photos)


Swazi king Mswati the third of South Africa has gotten himself a new bride.

Her name is Siphelele Mashwama(19) the daughter of a Swaziland Cabinet minister, Jabulile Mashwama.

At the annual reed dance held last week, popularly known as the Umhlanga Annual Reed Dance, Siphelele was given red feathers known as emagwalagwala, a bird that is associated with the royal family.

Siphelele is the 14 wife including his other wives that left him.

She was the lucky girl amongst the thousands who turned up for the event and caught the King’s eye who sometimes uses the occasion to publicly court a prospective fiancée.

Her father, Dr Petros Mashwama, is a lecturer in the computer science department at the University of Swaziland.

Notably, Siphelele was rated as the most “eloquent presenter” when she attended a conference at Rochester University in 2016, and presented a paper on empathy or luvelo.

Siphelele Mashwama ( center)

Siphelele, a graduate of Swaziland’s Waterford Kamhlaba World University College, stated that empathy was not an easy task but an important discussion that leaders needed in order to improve the lives of their people.

In her speech, she argued that superpowers were not supportive of the initiatives by the southern block to reduce the devastating scourge of the HIV/Aids epidemic. She called for a change of policies to address the disparities faced by mankind.