The 40 Inspiring, Remarkable, and Motivating Kenyan Women in America Diaspora in Eyes of Kenyans.


Everywhere you look, Kenyan women are making big strides. They are winning big! Whether in science, technology, the arts, music or business, women are registering remarkable wins that are worth celebrating. Indeed, other women are telling and teaching us how to co-exist and live together as brothers and sisters.

Annually, we celebrate women who make notable contributions in Kenya through various publications such as The Business Daily, Eve Woman (Standard Group), True Love and many others. However, we rarely celebrate women in the Diaspora who are doing great things and giving back to their community. Nevertheless, here at African Warrior, we do! And we shall start with Kenyan women in Diaspora America.

This year, the women we are celebrating were nominated by people familiar with work. Since April of this year, we began a process of selecting those who would be featured in our publication. We are happy to announce that the list has been completed.

The 40 top Kenyan women in America Diaspora is our central focus in the current edition of the African Warrior Magazine which is a quarterly publication.  These women have made tremendous strides in opening doors; not only for more women, but also for Kenyan men in the Diaspora. Some are winning awards in areas that span from beauty pageants to academia and technology. Several have overcome great odds to be successful, a world away from home. Their stories inspire women to rise above their own daily challenges

We also rewind to the Las Vegas Rugby Sevens with some never seen before photos! There are those who ask: “What do men want in a woman?” We seek to provide a “manly’ answer to that question.

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