4-day school week program launched by Colorado School District


How would you feel if you woke and find that working days have been reduced to just 4 days a week?

Definitely it would be a great feeling, but to make it even better, a school in the US has initiated a program that will see students only attend school from Tuesday to Friday therefore scrapping off Monday from the timetable.

The Colorado School District school has decided to take the step in order to reduce on the expenses incurred in terms of transporting the students using the school buses, and also reduce on the money paid to substitute teachers. However, this a trial measure to see If the model will work to curb the high cost of operation.

Teachers and students are the most excited lot but parents are worried since there will be nobody to take care of the kids when they are out at work on Mondays.

 “We really feel like Monday is the day to prepare and to be better for kids…This will give people a chance to have a weekend and then come in on Monday — whether they’re paid to or not because they’re doing that work anyway to be prepared for kids,” said superintendent Chris Fiedler.