39-year-old Jackie Wanjiru wins big after tough life both in Kenya and the US


When life gives you lemon, turn that into lemonade, and for Jackie Wanjiru –Nwuzor’s life, it has not been a smooth ride and can be best described using the lemon analogy.

The 39-year old has been selected to fly the Kenyan flag in the Mrs. Tourism Queen International pageant in Malaysia. The mother of two has had to undergo awful ordeals in her a life as she was raped at the age of 3 years only, by their houseboy without the knowledge of her parents and later on raped again at age 13 year.

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Having undergone this heinous acts at such a young age, Wanjiru at some point had decided to take away her life.

“I was born in Kenya but lived partly in Uganda with my parents, who later separated. At some point in life, I opted to commit suicide because the person who was taking care of us, that is my brother, was making life more unbearable. He was into cheap liquor and became abusive,” narrates Wanjiru. 

The certified health professional says that her brother went to the extent of hooking her up to other men. Wanjiru at the age of 18 year got her first born son but the joy did not last long as the boyfriend’s family rejected her and forced her to leave the country for America.

“I broke up with my boyfriend and went back home but I could not stand the abuse so I had to look for other means. This was because now, it was affecting both my son and I. My sister helped me to get a place to stay where I had to work for my brother-in-law but I was cursed out and had to also walk out. I had to look for means to go to the US, where I struggled and out myself through school and later got married and got another son,” said Wanjiru.

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The model who doubles up as an actor got the opportunity to move to Malaysia after coming back to Kenya. With her nomination to represent Kenya at the Pageant, Wanjiru aims at promoting the country’s tourism sector and also start a foundation to cater for the children in need of emotional and physical support. The pageant contestants are made up of married women from all over the world.

“I am looking for a way to promote tourism in Kenya through that opportunity as try to get an opportunity to work on a way to mentor young girls and impart them with my knowledge from my experience in life; change lives that need to change in society. This is whether I win or not, “She concludes.