3 Thoughtful Under $50 Valentines Day Gifts


Somewhere between that big holiday shopping spree and your resolution to be more financially responsible this year, you probably set a budget for yourself.

You can’t put a price on love when it’s made up of so many experiences and feelings, but when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, a $50 budget can buy you a lot more than you’d expect. You can do everything from a coffee subscription box to a monthly book club or a monthly lingerie subscription box, for less than $50.

Here are 3 thoughtful and romantic Valentines Day Ideas:

  1. African Coffee Club Subscription

This is perfect for someone who appreciates starting their day with a cup of freshly roasted coffee. It is also ideal for someone who likes to travel because the idea behind African Coffee Club is to take coffee lovers to an African coffee safari where you sample coffee from different growing regions. It sounds very romantic!! Subscribers also get a post card with an African theme and this makes the subscription service something that will sweep your loved one off their feet for just $14 a month. SHOP HERE

2. Inner Wear World

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or looking to gift someone something sexy this Valentine’s Day, we all know lacy teddies and silky slips can make any woman feel confident and beautiful. And what better than a lingerie subscription box to deliver that great feeling and confidence boost month after month?

According to Inner Wear World, not every pair of inner wear has to look basic; what you put on should make you feel beautiful, adorable, and near perfect. You will receive 2 inners every month for only $12.75 including shipping. SHOP HERE

3. African Books Club

This is perfect for someone who loves reading. It is also ideal for someone who recently found that he or she has some African blood and wants to reconnect with the mother continent.

Every month, you receive an African authored book from some of the greatest African writers for just $20! SHOP HERE

Happy valentines!!