3 Kenyans Travelling From Europe Stranded In Ethiopia Over COVID-19 Certificates



Three Kenyans travelling back to the country from Europe have been left stranded in Bole International Airport Ethiopia over claims that their COVID-19 certificates are not in line to the government requirements.

This was confirmed in a statement issued by a kin to one of the travellers [Grace Kamweru], who lamented about her sister and the other citizens being left for hours without their concerns being addressed.

According to Kiki who is a sister to Grace, the three Kenyans have been stranded for hours since the morning of 2nd August and their attempt to reach out to the Kenyan Embassy has been frustrated since it resulted to no response.

Kiki also confirmed that her sister had tested negative for COVID-19 and has a 6-day old certificate to prove her results. However, this clashes with the Ministry of Health’s directive which requires travellers to have a negative test conducted within 96 hours before travel.

Her sister who studies in Belgium had also reached out to the Kenyan Embassy to make a request of being allowed into the country and express their willingness to submit themselves for the COVID-19 test or even quarantine upon their arrival but are yet to receive a response in regard to this.

“The staff at the airport just stare at them and they are not helping. The Kenyan embassy is also not helping despite numerous calls by the airline and my sister to have them brought home and the test to be redone here and maybe be quarantined here.

Instead, they are stuck there with no one helping them and with no proper communication. They have not eaten since, not showered their luggage was brought to Kenya so they even have no access to clothes and the airline is not offering a solution.” she wrote

Despite their calls for the government to intervene, the Ethiopian Airline has reportedly decided that the travellers will stay for 7 days and will be expected to cater for their own food and accommodation cost.

In an attempt to resolve the issue, the airline has also reached out to the Kenyan embassy to allow its citizens to travel back to the country and the Embassy is yet to respond.

Concerns have also been raised on why the government issued directives without consideration of travellers on transit.

This complaint comes days after Kenya officially resumed international travels and even issued a list of countries that will be allowed in the country.

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