My Kenyan Grandparents Inspired Me-  Meet 28-Year-Old Thriving With Coffee Business In The US


Establishing a business in the United States or any other country, as a matter of fact, might come with quite a number of challenges but with determination and the effort required it can never go wrong.

A Kenyan man based in Texas Moses Mbai is among the few who have over the years built a name not just for himself but one that represents his Kenyan roots.

Mbai who is the owner and founder of an online coffee supply company; 5th Generation Coffee started his business in 2018 at his residence in Dallas after he graduated from Texas Southern University.

Apart from the fact that his background in business management allowed him to embark on an entrepreneurial journey, Mbai reveals that what pushed him to start his business is the desire to become his own boss.  Even though he managed to get a job after college, the 28-year-old admits that he was fed up with being controlled in the corporate circles.

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To sum up these factors, Mbai says his inspiration was entirely drawn from his grandparents back in Kenya. He also mentioned that he has been shipping raw materials for his business from his family farm located in Kiambu.

“We own a farm in Kiambu, Kenya I would see how hard my family worked on this coffee farm day in and day out.

“As I was drinking coffee the idea hit me. Like a ton of bricks to sell coffee from my company here in the states. It had never been done before, so I decided to take a chance and here I am today,” he said.

According to him, his intention to start the company was also to pay homage to his family that has worked in the industry before him.

“5th Generation Coffee was created because I noticed an area of opportunity within my family business. We’ve been drinking coffee off our farm for generations but never offered it to the world until now,” he said

His business started with a team of two and has over the months flourished to bring on board other people to help him run the company.

Despite having a handful of achievements through this business, the CEO of the 5th Generation Coffee revealed that one of the biggest challenges is the fact that he had to fight off the misconception that Black-owned businesses do not value customer service.

On how he has managed to thrive despite having competitors owning bigger coffee brands and amid the COVID-19 pandemic , Mbai says that what makes his business unique is the marketing strategy they have been using to stay in business.

Although many business have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, his business has not been adversely affected as he says that the past month has been the best for him. Other than coffee, Mbai recently launched another product; Lemon Coffee Soap.

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His advice to young people who wish to do business is that they should never be afraid to fail.

 “Don’t be afraid to fail. Its. Better to take that chance at 20 than it is at 30. You have so much more freedom and less responsibility when you’re getting older. Believe in yourself more.” he said