26-year-old Kenyan man on the spot after ‘stealing’ 44-year-old Mzungu’s wife 


A Kenya man from Kisii is causing a stir in America and indeed the world after he lured a married American woman out of her marriage with the promise to marry her.

Kevin, 26, a pastor in Kisii, has promised to marry Sarah, 44, after she filed to divorce her husband of 18 years with whom they have four sons.

Kevin and Sarah connected via the internet and are yet to meet in person.

Sarah says she’s madly in love with Kevin and plans to marry him as soon as possible. She says she has started the divorce process from Keith and will leave to Kenya in February when she receives her tax return.

The couple headed to the prominent Dr. Phil, who has a Ph.D in Psychology and uses the power of TV to give compelling stories, for advice.

Asked why he is breaking another man’s marriage, Kevin said Sarah has promised him love and he loves her back.

“She told me she loves me, I love her too. So there is nothing wrong with that,” Kevin said as Sarah’s husband watched on.

Sarah’s family is worried if she goes to Kenya, she will end up dead or sold into sex trafficking.

Is Kevin real? Is Sarah being scammed? Dr. Phil was forced to send a team to Kenya to investigate.

Watch the drama below: