15-Year-Old Nigerian Crowned Global Maths Competition Winner After Defeating UK, US, Chinese pupils


15-year-old Nigerian Faith Odunsi has emerged winner in the just-concluded Global Open Mathematics Tournament.  Odunsi was contesting against participants from Europe, Africa, America, Asia, and Australia.

In an interview with The Punch, the SS3 student from Ijebu in Ogun state shed light on her experience after such an outstanding achievement as she revealed how she prepared for the competition.

According to Faith, although the contest was tough, she is proud and appreciates the fact that she emerged the winner.

Taking us through her journey, Faith revealed that she had to go through different stages of the competition before she was crowned the winner.

“ In the first stage, there was a computer-based test and we had to answer many questions in one hour. My score on the test was 66. The second stage took the same format and I also scored 66.

“The quarter and semi-finals were on Microsoft themes. We were asked questions and we put in our answers; the first to put in the correct answers got 10 points.” She explained during the interview

On how she managed to balance between her studies and participating in the completion, Faith says that she was very keen to ensure that she spared time after academic activities to prepare for the contest. Her teacher would coach her after school period.

Another effort that indeed paid off was some lone study time from 11 PM to midnight.

Her win in the competition came along with a monetary prize of $1,000.

Other than this recent achievement, Faith set a record in 2018’s Cowbellpedia by answering 19 questions in 60 seconds.

In future, Faith would like to pursue Computer Engineering for her tertiary education.