11-Year-Old Kenyan-Australian Gymnast Eyes Hollywood Fame Ahead Of Her Auditions


At the age of 11, Australian born Kenyan gymnast Elise Gitau has achieved what is just but a dream to others. Elise is currently eyeing Hollywood fame after she was listed among the finalists following her audition as an actor back in 2019 and is set to go for her final audition in Hollywood in 2021.

This opportunity came knocking when she was listed on the Celebrity Experience finalists after auditioning as an actor which saw her become a member of the Celebrity Experience.

Although gymnastics might comes off as her first love and has seen her earn several medals Elise revealed to the Insider how her love for the sport has opened up more doors for her in different sectors of art.

“The sport has been able to shape the most important aspects of my life as I have been able to live a highly active lifestyle up to now. I have been able to exploit my talent which would otherwise go unnoticed. Gymnastics has shaped and actually changed my life.” she stated


At the age of 3, Elise had already expressed interest in becoming a gymnast and has a record of participating in state and national championships from 2017. Together with her team, Elise won in two consecutive years after they became first at the state trial in 2018 and later emerged as the state championship winners in 2019.

The award-winning gymnast has already undertaken her online training as part of the preparations for the Hollywood auditions scheduled for August 2021.

Apart from this anticipated move that will serve as a stepping stone in her career, Elise is also an online Teen TV and Film student at Tafta Productions and she hopes to advance a career in performing arts in TV and film.


As a result of her generosity and compassion, her career does not just revolve around her but through her achievements, she has put herself to task by giving back to the community.

Earlier this year, she auditioned and has been listed as the Miss Pre-Teen Australia International Vic finalist. Through her Miss pre-teen platform, she is currently working on a campaign to raise funds for seriously ill children.

The beneficiaries of her good works are not just in the Australian circles but the impact is equally felt in her Kenyan roots. In Kenya, Elise is sponsoring 3 children at Nyawai Academy which is owned by her grandparents.

In the future, she hopes to start an education sponsorship program for other children in the world. Some of the activities she loves doing during her free time include baking, vlogging, and Traveling.

Through her gymnastics classes, she continues to be well equipped with other skills and also grow her talent and abilities. As seen on her Instagram page, one of her greatest mantras is that besides her talent, it is always good to inspire and remain focused.

“Talent alone is not enough. I believe that a really good gymnast is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration” reads her quote